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OSS Retail is a truly unparalleled learning experience. Since 1923 we have been changing lives and AssetAltTexttransforming the careers of retail professionals from their first steps in retail management right through to board level director and beyond. OSS offers an exclusive opportunity for your staff to learn new, and develop existing, management skills in an inspirational learning environment. 
At OSS, retailers from across the industry, learn together and from one another. It’s this unique mix of retailers large and small, combined with the historic Oxford setting that makes the whole experience so effective. We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our clients send their developing talent year on year to experience the unique programmes - a testament to the quality training delivered by OSS.
In addition, OSS programmes are further enhanced by our line-up of keynote speakers from the sector- including in recent years; Vanessa Gold (Ann Summers), Tom Joule (Joules), Justin King (Sainsbury’s), Jo Walker (Perfume Shop), Michael Ward (Harrods), Nick Robertson (ASOS), Martijn Bertisen (Google), Mark Price (Waitrose) and Laura Wade-Gery (Marks & Spencer).The programme content is devised by retailers, for retailers. Talented and experienced managers from the sector act as our programme and group directors.
We take pride in aligning your best talent with the development they need to put your company at the forefront of the retail industry. We look forward to working with you and your future retail leaders at an Oxford Summer School.

Dominic Prendergast, Managing Director

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