Why OSS Works

1. Return on investment - making every penny count
Effective and focussed fast-track development delivering outstanding ROI. 97% agree the development has benefited their team.
2. Expert retail knowledge - who knows more?
OSS Programmes are developed by retailers, for retailers, using a variety of highly effective learning methods.
3. Idea generation - immediate implementation 
Identifies new ideas and strategies to take back to the workplace.
4. Leading retail speakers - learn from the best!
Gain exclusive insights and learn first hand from top retail leaders.
5. Challenging - no room to sit on the side-lines
Takes individuals out of their comfort zone to help develop greater confidence, skills and management ability specific to retailing.
6. Retail melting pot - unique experience to learn
A carefully balanced mix of retailers of all sizes and disciplines, independent and multiple, along with the cocktail of skills from all business specialities, makes learning with Oxford Summer School a unique experience.
7. Open but protected learning environment - opinions expressed won’t be judged
Learn and share management techniques and best practice from across the industry safely to inspire new ways of working and thinking.
8. Cutting edge - don’t get left behind!
Work programme developed around current retail trends and future retail challenges and opportunities.
9. Connects with your internal training - we’ll work with you
Integrate Oxford Summer School into your internal L&D programme;
pre and post-attendance briefings can be arranged at no extra cost.
10. Thought leadership - think outside the box
Stimulate innovative ideas for the future of your retail business.
Need to sell OSS to your company? Download a printable version of our top ten reasons <<WHY OSS WORKS>>

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