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We are delighted to have retailTRUST as our Headline Partner across all three schools of OSS for 2016. retailTRUST provide a number of support and development opportunities for those in retail and support OSS with 6 full scholarships per school and an additional number of 50% funded scholarships.

About retailTrust:

retailTRUST is the only charity that looks after all three million people working in retail, plus those retired from the sector and its associated businesses.

In addition to the development opportunities retailTRUST offer, they provide help and support to people whatever challenges they face. While retail offers unparalleled opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, it has many people on or near the minimum wage, which currently stands at £6.31 for workers aged 21 and over. When something goes wrong, these people can be very vulnerable. retailTRUST has services in place to make sure that we can be there for those who need the support and assistance.

retailTRUST's range of services includes:

•    Free and confidential Helpline 0808 801 0808  
•    Free Counselling Services 
•    Free Legal Advice 
•    Free Debt Advice  
•    Free crisis, welfare, educational and vocational grants 
•    ReWork Redundancy programme 
•    Course Funding 
•    Retirement Housing

For more information please visit the retailTRUST website <<here>>

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