Alex Bibby, Vice Chair of Academy - 'tis the season to be reviewing

Published by on Wednesday, 16 Mar 2016

 Hi All

Last year I took on the role of Vice Chairman for the Oxford Summer School Academy, a role that I enjoyed hugely. It was a challenge, most definitely but the development for me personally and spending time with so many great people has made me think differently with my own team and career ambitions.

The school is unique in the fact it changes the way people think, feel and act about leadership and how to get the best out of themselves and their team. This year I continue in my role as Vice Chairman which I am very excited about as we have more programme changes, some great speakers being lined up already and another team of excellent Group Directors waiting to get stuck in. I can't wait to get back to Keble and see it all come together again this year.

One of the musts of anyone involved with or attending the school is to ensure that they challenge themselves and push themselves outside of their comfort zone. Not only just for the delegates but this was also important for me too. For the last 2 years I have been fortunate to work alongside Paul Anderson-Walsh and Linbert Spencer from AWSS LLP to pull together Sunday's work program - a day focussed on People & Leadership.

We have introduced the new psychometric self development tool; McQuaig, added more time for personal reflection, included an exciting aAssetAltTextctive group mega task and the delegates were also spoilt with some special individual tuition from our experts. For me the highlight was the outstanding personal development toolkit and action plan that everyone; delegates, group directors and the Academy Executive board got to take away to reflect on and use when they returned to work.

Another fantastic addition is that everyone has the chance to re-test themselves and receive another McQuaig profile and learning toolkit again this Spring. Being nearly 6 months after the school and with most of the delegates entering end of year reviews, the timing is perfect! The re-test will mean that individuals will be able to see how their behaviour and leadership style may have moved on since the school. It will also highlight any stretch or pressure that they may be under due to a job role change.

I can't wait to complete mine again as I am currently in a large transition phase in my career as I start in my new role as HRBP for the South Division in New Look. It will really help me understand where my strengths and development areas will be for my new role and help me identify and manage the stretch I will experience. I can't wait to share my new profile and learnings with my new manager as the tool gives some top tips directly to them on how to maximise my potential. It's another great opportunity for me to refresh my development plan and focus on my career ambitions again, one that I hope our delegates will also take on too.

For those of you that are interested in knowing more about the tool or information about the school please contact the Oxford Summer School Team on, 01295 713 389.

Best of luck at review time and PDP objective setting,

Alex Bibby
Vice Chairman, Oxford Summer School Academy

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