Adam Stepney

Adam Stepney, is general manager of Sony Style, Heathrow. He had a steep learning experience at the summer school but feels like he has a deeper understanding of retail thanks to the knowledge he gained.

“I decided to apply for the scholarship because I felt that I needed to understand my environment better - and understand other retail businesses. I also wanted to understand how electronics retail compared to other areas of the sector such as fashion.

The course exceeded my expectations and I feel that the foundation of knowledge I received was outstanding and very helpful. The best thing was the tutors who were experienced and had proven track records. The group work was also interesting and challenging.

I have used a lot of what I learnt since finishing the course. For example I now use meetings as open format brainstorming sessions.

I also take more risks in my ideas but use the planning process and understand what makes me money and at what effort.

Since the course I feel that I am more aware of other retail environments and am now able to understand more of what I see in the high street. This provides me with a clearer view of where my business is going and how my staff will take me there.

I would recommend independent retailers go on the course because it gives you an understanding of how other retail businesses operate, which is crucial to continued  success.”

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