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The Academy is designed to deliver an inspirational experience that challenges and develops retail managers. It will expose delegates to some of the problems, decisions and challenges involved in running a retail business.

The content will provoke delegates to consider how they can more successfully affect the retail environment in which they work; specifically their own performance, the performance of their team and their ability to influence the commercial performance of their part of the company.

Programme Content

This school concentrates on enhancing the delegate’s understanding and management of the five key retail resources: People, Money, Marketing, Merchandise and Retail Space.  Delegates will cover:

  • People - Defining team roles and leadership characteristics, utilising a feedback model. 
  • Money - Analysis of cash flow forecasts, profit and loss accounts and interpreting key financial indicators. 
  • Marketing - Devise and present the marketing strategy for a new retail business.
  • Merchandise - Participate in a merchandising exercise, which highlights the importance of getting the right stock in the right place at the right price.  
  • Retail space - Devise the business proposition, layout, presentation and staffing of a new retail outlet and prepare a complete five-year sales and profit profile.

Learning OutcomesAssetAltText

  • Releasing the potential of yourself and your team by developing effective management styles.
  • Switching conscious competency back on and understanding how you influence your team as a leader through your behaviours.
  • Understand how you can more effectively influence the four key retail levers of sales densities, stock turn, profit management, and cost control in your retail environment. 
  • Ability to formulate actions that will improve business performance through a greater understanding, analysis and interpretation of key financial data and KPIs.

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