Academy Group Directors

2017 Group DirectorsGroup Director Skills and Attributes Academy School


  • Must have attended the School as a delegate
  • Ability and willingness to spend at least 2 weeks of own time planning and preparing for a 6 day residential intense programme
  • First time GDs must be able to attend both the new GD meeting at Keble and also the mentoring meeting 
  • Some training skills preferred, but not essential
  • Whilst some exercises appear less taxing than others, GDs must understand their importance and allow the group to recognise early team behaviours and dynamics as well as actual task achievement
  • Full understanding of retail principles, namely:
  • Understanding of teamwork and Leadership theory, including Belbin
  • Merchandising principles with a thorough understanding of the merchandise exercise and all calculations used as well as managing the laptop inputting for the groups
  • Basic marketing and brand awareness
  • Understanding of financial statements (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow) and most importantly how to interpret them back in the workplace


  • Able to facilitate a group of managers from other retail backgrounds
  • Able to allow group to find their way by guiding and applying teamwork and leadership skills outlined above
  • Must be a team player and work with other GDs
  • Able to motivate and enthuse a group of 9 individuals
  • Ability to ensure all group members are involved in discussions
  • A “can do” mentality
  • Ability to encourage and coach members of the team that may feel daunted or overwhelmed, whilst simultaneously managing the more outgoing members of the team
  • Ability to ensure all members of the group work at the same pace and grasp each of the principles and key points
  • Ability to pace themselves and ensure that their main focus is on the delegates getting the most out of the week

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